Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review
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Considering a leap into automated pet care? The Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review might be what you need. It can enhance your pet’s feeding routine. Offering a range of feeders, Petlibro ensures meals are always on schedule. This applies whether you’re home or away. Their Granary feeders offer manual, Wi-Fi, and camera options. They use vacuum-sealing to keep food fresh.

Equipped with pest-proof, spill-proof, and RFID recognition, Petlibro feeders offer convenience and peace of mind. As you explore options from under $50 to over $100, the Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review provides insights. It helps determine if Petlibro is right for your dog.

Key Features and Specifications

Key Features and Specifications

When considering the Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder, you’re looking at a gadget that’s designed to simplify your life and keep your pet well-fed. Let’s delve into the key features and specifications that set this feeder apart:

  1. Capacity and Design:
    • Model Variety: Whether you have a small or large pet, Petlibro has a range of models like the Granary, Space, One, and Air, each with varying capacities suitable for different pet sizes.
    • Food Tank Capacity: Options range from 4 liters to an impressive 8 liters, accommodating a substantial amount of dry food, with some models like the Space Automatic Pet Feeder holding up to 34 cups, enough to last nearly a month for two cats.
    • Design Features: Sleek, modern designs with secure twist-lock lids, and some models feature dual stainless steel feeding trays for hygiene and durability.
  1. Technology and Convenience:
    • Vacuum-Sealing Technology: Advanced models use this to preserve food freshness and nutrients, ensuring your pet’s meals are as good as the day the bag was opened.
    • App Control: WiFi-enabled models allow you to feed your pet and adjust schedules from anywhere, anytime through the PETLIBRO app, compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.
    • Power Options: Dual power supply with models running on both wired power and batteries, ensuring your pet gets fed even during power outages.

Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review

  1. Customization and Interaction:
    • Feeding Schedule: Programmable up to 10 meals per day with portion control ranging from 1 to 50 portions per meal, allowing precise management of your pet’s dietary needs.
    • Voice Recording: Record a personal message to call your pet to eat, adding a touch of your presence to meal times.
    • Camera and Interaction: High-quality cameras and, additionally, two-way voice systems in some models enable real-time interaction, thereby making it easier to check in on your pet. In summary, the Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder range offers, moreover, a variety of features tailored to different needs and budgets, and, furthermore, comes with the added assurance of a 24-month warranty and hassle-free support. Whether you’re looking for basic timed feeding or, alternatively, an interactive, tech-savvy feeder, Petlibro seems to cater to all.

Wanna Try Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder for your Pup?

Ease of Use and Programming

Ease of Use and Programming

Setting up your Petlibro automatic dog feeder should be a breeze, but just in case you hit a snag, here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your furry friend doesn’t miss a meal:

  1. Power Up:
    • Start by plugging in the power cable and inserting the batteries for power backup. Remember, batteries are just your plan B in case of a power outage, not the main power source.
  1. Initial Setup:
    • Remove the plastic protector from the LCD screen.
    • Press the ‘Settings’ button to enter the programming mode.
    • Set the current time using the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons—note that the time is displayed in military format for clarity.
    • Unlock the device by pressing and holding the setting button for 3 seconds.
  2. Programming Meals:
    • Use the ‘SET’ button to adjust the time and date, ensuring your pet’s meals align with their usual routine.
    • Press the ‘M1’ or ‘M2’ button to set up to two meal times, customizing the quantity of food dispensed from 5g to 100g per meal.
    • For manual feeding, press the ‘MANUAL’ button, followed by ‘M1’ or ‘M2’ to dispense food on demand.
  3. Customization:
    • Record a personal meal call by holding the record button for 3 seconds; you can preview the audio by short pressing the Record Button.
    • Adjust playback times for the meal call up to 5 times per feeding in setting mode, or cancel it by setting playback times to 0.
    • Lock the device to prevent accidental changes by pressing the Return/Cancel button.If you encounter issues with food getting stuck or programming challenges, don’t fret—there are resources like YouTube tutorials to guide you through. And remember, the sleek design and quiet operation of the Petlibro feeder are well worth the initial setup effort. Once programmed, your feeder will run like clockwork, ensuring your pet is fed even when you’re away. If you need extra help, Petlibro’s customer service is just a call away.

Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Reliability and Performance

When you’re considering the Petlibro automatic dog feeder for your furry companion, you’ll want to know about its reliability and performance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Durability and Maintenance:
    • Regular inspection of the feeder’s components is essential to spot any wear and tear. It’s important to replace parts when needed to maintain optimal performance.
    • The Petlibro feeder comes with a reassuring 24-month warranty, so you can feel confident about your investment.
    • Should any non-artificial product issues arise, you can count on Petlibro’s after-sales service for support.
  • User Experiences:
    • Many users praise the Petlibro Granary WiFi Stainless Steel 5L Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder for its reliability and ease of use.
    • Consistent portion control and the feeder’s easy disassembly for cleaning make it a user-friendly choice.
    • For those with multiple pets, the PETLIBRO Granary Dual Automatic Feeder comes recommended, especially for ensuring each cat gets the right amount of food, though careful monitoring is advised.
  • Performance Insights:
    • While some users have faced challenges with app connectivity and feeder durability, the overall value and functionality receive positive feedback.
    • The feeder’s quick portion dispensing and jamming indicator laser add to its efficient operation.
    • A unique feature is the ability to record a personal message for your pet, adding a comforting touch to feeding times.
    • Customer support is noted as responsive, key for troubleshooting and maximizing feeder benefits. Despite Petlibro’s design for easier pet care, monitoring in multi-pet homes is vital to keep every pet well-fed and happy.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure the Petlibro automatic dog feeder continues to operate efficiently and to safeguard your pet’s health, regular maintenance and cleaning are indispensable. Here’s a straightforward approach to keeping your feeder in top condition:

  • Weekly Cleaning Routine:
    • Disassemble the feeder, removing the hopper, bowl, and dispenser.
    • Wash each part with warm soapy water using a soft brush to gently scrub away food particles and residue.
    • Rinse all components thoroughly to remove soap suds.
    • Dry each piece completely before reassembling the feeder to prevent mold growth.
  • Monthly Sanitization:
    • Once a month, use a pet-safe disinfectant to sanitize the feeder.
    • Focus on the areas where food is most likely to build up, such as the hopper and the feeding bowl.
    • Allow the disinfectant to sit for the recommended time before rinsing it off to ensure effective germ elimination.
  • Desiccant and Power Supply Maintenance:
    • Replace the desiccant bag biweekly to keep the food dry and fresh.
    • If the feeder is not in regular use, change the batteries every six months to ensure they’re operational when needed.
    • Use the original 5V power supply to prevent electrical problems. Following this routine extends the Petlibro feeder’s life and ensures a clean eating space for your dog. A clean feeder is crucial for your pet’s health, so regular cleaning is essential.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

When deciding if the Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder suits your pet, customer feedback proves to be insightful. Here’s what pet owners are saying:

  • Overall Satisfaction:
    • The Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder boasts a solid 4.4 out of 5-star rating from a substantial 7,428 global ratings, reflecting a high level of customer satisfaction.
    • Similarly, the Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder mirrors this sentiment with an identical 4.4 out of 5-star rating across an even larger pool of 13,267 global ratings.
  • Star Rating Breakdown:
    • A majority of 70% have given the product 5 stars, indicating that most users are very happy with their purchase.
    • The feeder also receives 15% 4-star ratings, 6% 3-star ratings, while only 3% and 6% of users rated it 2 stars and 1 star, respectively.
  • Key Points from Reviews:
    • The voice recording feature is a hit among pet owners, allowing them to leave personalized messages for their pets, adding a comforting element to mealtime.
    • Some users have noted that the buttons on the feeder are a bit hard to see, and the blue light emitted by the device can be quite bright at night.
    • The sound of kibble hitting the bowl can be a disturbance, especially when the feeder is located near your sleeping area.
    • Customer support is highlighted as being responsive, which is reassuring for resolving any issues that may arise with the feeder.
    • The Granary Automatic Pet Feeder (Model: PL-AF006-01W) is priced at $75.99 and has a 4.3-star rating. This rating is slightly below the brand average, yet it’s received positively. Crucially, while reviews can guide you, your pet’s unique needs and preferences are essential in your decision-making.

Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Conclusion and Recommendations

Throughout this Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder Review, we’ve covered its features, from advanced technology to user-friendly design and reliable performance. This product meets your pet’s dietary needs and offers voice recording for mealtime calls, appealing to modern pet owners. Its durability, easy maintenance, and positive feedback reassure its value and effectiveness in pet care.

Ensuring a care solution fits your lifestyle is crucial. This review highlights the Petlibro feeder’s role in easing pet care, aiding in precise feeding routines. We recommend the Petlibro Automatic Dog Feeder for those aiming to enhance pet care with convenience. Experience its benefits for your pet and yourself.


Q: What are the advantages of using an automatic pet feeder?
A: Indeed, an automatic pet feeder is chiefly beneficial because you’re unable to feed your pet on schedule, thereby ensuring consistency. They’re useful for owners with unpredictable work schedules, unable to feed pets regularly.

Q: Can the Petlibro automatic feeder be used for feeding dogs?
A: Yes, the Petlibro feeder is for small to medium dogs, adult weight about 10kg, and shoulder height around 40cm.

Q: Is Petlibro a product made in the United States?
A: The Petlibro headquarters is in California, USA, indicating a US base. This doesn’t reveal the product’s manufacturing location.